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Symptoms + Cures

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Maybe I want to take a step.
The gold's lost its shine but I know through cracks and the holes there's a shimmer below.
Hazy glimpses force me to stay.
It all becomes real the moment I say that I’m finally willing.
The moment I say I'm open.
I’ve opened up.

When I give a little, it sure takes a lot and it's taking everything I’ve got.

The last straw, final effort made to manifest what I can’t explain.
I didn't want to believe. Now, it’s all that I can see.

Now open up a piece of me.
I’ve exposed myself to everything and rising up infecting me.
I'm gonna get it right. I'm gonna let it all right in.

Someone open the gates and let me in.
The persistent grinding, now an accommodating fit.
Someone open the gates and let me in.
I’ve been looking for something, and maybe this is it.
Cause we all want to find a place in it all.
Well I just want to find some space in it all.

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