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Man, it’s a shame.
It’s a stumbling block.
And it seems I’ve found the order to this sour addiction.
I’ve grown accustom to it showering me.
Switched gears but the cycle isn’t making it easy.
I was running on empty ideas, but I had to write them down just to listen.
I’m flying over the ocean and back.
I breathe in, I breathe out.

Get alone, when the others are blinding.
Get alone, leave distraction behind me.
Get alone, where the streets are defining.
Get alone, they’re always there and reminding.

Riding. Distance restore me.
I’m finding serenity in the structure.
Finding serenity on this route. Distance restore me.

Adding up all the stakes.
Lining up and dissecting. I’d rather address them while I can.
If I’m not mistaken I will steer it through in a graceful way.
I’ll abandon. Leave the rest behind.
The weight might not settle in time.

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